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Wood Base Combo Chair
Wood Base Combo Chair
Wood Base Combo Chair
Wood Base Combo Chair

Wood Base Combo Chair


Made of high quality wood. Perfect Stability. Padded system for foot bars.
Adjustable length of the handles: 127, 119 and 111 cm.
All metal parts are made of stainless steel.
Handles are covered with a special rubber foam, very comfortable and strong.
4 springs: 2 medium (green), 2 heavy (red).
Seat covered with new synthetic leather specially developed for our Pilates products. Non-slip system, very resistant. It complies with environmental regulations.
Various positions on the foot bar.
Very comfortable EVA high density foam inside.

Built entirely in wood, as it guarantees its greatest durability.
Contains 2 pedals that allow alternating movement and transform into one, inserting a cane.
Non-slip pedal coating.
Our machines are available in a fixed way in black and grey. To purchase them in other colors: ivory, blue, green or red, it is necessary to contact us as they are made on request.



Seat dimensions: 61 x 35 cm.
Base dimensions: 77 x 61 cm.
Weight: 37 kg.

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