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Elina Pilates Mat 180x58cm ( Black )!

Elina Pilates Mat 180x58cm ( Black )!


PERFECT FOR PILATES AND YOGA: Mat designed to be the perfect complement to your Pilates and Yoga exercises. You can use it at home or at your favorite center.
GREAT COMFORT AND CUSHIONING: High-intensity mat with a thickness of 1.5 cm that provides perfect cushioning and prevents any discomfort or injury.
SLIP-RESISTANT: Slip-resistant mat to prevent unwanted slips or slides during exercises. Made with antibacterial and water-resistant materials.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: When rolled up, the mat is not bulky and is easy to transport and place wherever you want.
GREAT RESISTANCE: Very resistant mat. It will not break if it is not stretched excessively or handled improperly.


Pilates Mat 183.5x50cm (approximate measurements). Thickness: 1.5cm.
Anti-bacterial and non-slip protection.
Made of a new high-resistance and high-density material, very comfortable.
Anti-bacterial and slip-resistant protection.

Made of a new high-density, high-resistance material, very comfortable.

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